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Island Carpet Blogs

What Is Engineered Hardwood?

Engineered hardwood flooring is a material that is designed to be more stable than traditional solid hardwood flooring. This flooring material consists of carefully constructed layers of plywood and hardwood, which makes it much more durable and less expensive than traditional solid hardwood flooring.Because engineered hardwood does not shrink or expand in the same way that most solid hardwood flo

Choosing The Best Flooring Options For Kids' Rooms

When it comes to flooring for kids’ rooms, it’s understandable that parents might be nervous about what sort of material to install. Children may be delightful, but they are notorious for making messes and, at least in their first years, falling. They’re also, let’s face it, noisy. The good news is that there are several flooring materials to choose from that are both easy to clean, dampen

How to Choose Vinyl Plank Flooring?

For home and business owners in Richmond, vinyl plank flooring is prized for its relatively low cost, ease of installation and care and its ability to mimic, to a startling degree, far more expensive types of flooring such as hardwood. Vinyl plank flooring is made mostly of PVC, a type of plastic that is used for plumbing pipes. There are several types of vinyl plank flooring but they all have som

Guide: How to Clean and Take Proper Care of Hardwood Flooring

Proper care preserves the organic beauty of hardwood flooring. With routine cleaning and a little maintenance, the material will stay as lustrous as when you first saw it in a store. Sweeping or dust moppingIdeally, you'll adopt a daily routine of sweeping the hardwood floor, at least in high-traffic areas. A quick going over with a broom or dry dust mop collects dust, fine grit, and pet hair. The

What’s in Style: Top 5 Flooring Design Trends

Flooring trends in 2022 are very exciting. Material and manufacturing advances have created stunning laminate and luxury vinyl flooring options. New waterproof floor products are truly expanding your choices in bathrooms and other spaces where kids and pets are prone to leaving muddy footprints. Of course, traditional hardwood remains a timeless choice, but you might want to consider the flooring

Island Carpet Works With North American Distributors to Save You Time

With supply chain issues causing real issues for many businesses, making sure that you can find the flooring you need in Vancouver can sometimes be challenging. At Island Carpet & Flooring, we use North American suppliers to ensure that our customers receive the best laminate flooring, carpeting and hardwood flooring in Vancouver. Our suppliers maintain warehouses full of the flooring Vancouver ho