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Black Edges Around Your Carpet

 Do you have black lines appearing at the edges of your carpet, along the walls and the edges of your stairs?
This is described in the flooring industry as 'Filtration Soiling'. It has nothing to do with how clean you are, or how often you vacuum. Even having your carpets professionally shampooed according to the manufacturers warranty, usually every 18 months, will not prevent this from happening.

The main culprit is the gap where your wall meets the subfloor. The air in the room is forced through these gaps and your carpet acts as a filter, trapping soil, dust, smoke from candles and cigarettes etc.
There are a few ways to stop or minimize this from happening:
-If you're having a reno done or it's a new build, be sure to ask your contractor to fill the gap with silicone or an expandable spray foam. Doing this before having your new carpet and under pad installed should be sufficient enough.
-Using the edger attachment on your vacuum more frequently.
-Having your ducts cleaned regularily as well as changing the filter in your HVAC system. 

At the end of the day after having tried these solutions and the problem still persists, I would recommend replacing your carpet with a darker colour or even a speckled colour. This will hide the problem and keep your mind at ease.

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