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The Hidden Cost of Bad Flooring Installation and How it Affects Your Warranty

Walking through your home should not feel like you're on a ship rolling up and down with the waves. If your home's flooring is uneven, bumpy or starting to show damage or breakage, there's a good chance that it was not installed properly.

In these instances, it's normal to consider a replacement covered by your warranty. However, if the installation team didn't properly level the floor during the initial installation, your warranty might not be valid.

How professional installation can save your Richmond flooring warranty

Typically, new flooring comes with a one-year labour warranty in addition to a manufacturer's product warranty. Unfortunately, most problems with flooring installation Richmond homeowners experience don't occur until 2-5 years later. By then, the labour warranty is long expired, and the manufacturer's warranty won't cover the problem since it's due to faulty installation.

When you pay for new vinyl flooring, it's important to have trained professional installers level and place the flooring. When levelling with vinyl planks, especially the thinner ones, it takes a skilled installer to ensure the flooring is placed according to warranty specifications.

This not only saves homeowners from the headache that comes from a sloppy install, but it ensures that the manufacturer's warranty will be valid if the flooring is defective for any reason.

Let Island Carpet & Flooring handle your flooring refresh

When you choose Island Carpet & Flooring, you can feel confident you're working with the best flooring store in Richmond. Not only do we have a vast selection of flooring Vancouver homeowners can choose from, but our house install team is highly skilled and has plenty of experience with adequately levelling and installing all types of flooring.

In addition, it's important to note that we do not use third-party companies to cut corners or save on installation costs. Our clients are always dealing directly with our team from start to finish. The Island Carpet & Flooring family takes pride in providing top-tier customer service and products, so you can trust that you're getting the best possible installation.

Whether you need to replace old, defective flooring, or you and your family simply want to upgrade to a hardwood floor that matches your home's interior, don't hesitate to stop by. Our friendly team of experts is eager to help you transform your home with brand-new, high-quality flooring.
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