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How to Choose Your Flooring Colour

Installing a new floor can completely change the ambiance of a space. Flooring serves as a canvas for enjoying your favourite style and mood. You want to choose a flooring colour that will enhance your space while elevating other design features such as furniture, art pieces, and other elements of your space.

One of the first factors to consider when choosing a colour for flooring in Vancouver homes are the users of the space and for what purpose it will be employed. Perhaps your space will be used as a quiet study area, a playroom for kids, or a dynamic living room for your family.

These are some important points you must consider:

1. Particular design features

When styling a space, you must decide what will be the center of attention. Sometimes the furnishings are the central attraction of a room. In those cases, using natural tones helps to provide a neutral base.

If you want to enhance furnishings that are geared towards a country or colonial setting, bold flooring colours such as red create a powerful impact. In contrast, for rooms that call for the flooring to serve as a backdrop, earthy colours such as clay or brown provide a calm backdrop that complements most furnishings rather than taking center stage.

2. The functionality of flooring material

Just as important as beauty and style is functionality. Think about how the space will be used. If you are designing a room for kids or pets, you will want to choose a flooring colour that can withstand the abuse of stains and scuff marks. You will also want options that are affordable and customizable to meet the needs of your family.

For instance, hardwood flooring may only provide options that require careful maintenance. More kid and pet-friendly options include Laminate or Vinyl Plank/Tile. These options are much easier to maintain and are recommended for homes with pets and children.

3. Purpose of the space

The purpose of the space will dictate the flooring colour you choose. For example, fun and vibrant kids' playrooms look great with bright colours. On the other hand, if you are designing a quiet study space where you will spend some alone time, a neutral tone works best. A clean and simple choice will provide a calm vibe that won't cause distractions.

4. Overall design

Another important factor when choosing the best flooring colour is the design of the furnishing that will occupy the space. Think about the colour of your furniture and artwork.

Choose flooring colours that complement the other components of the room. You want the flooring to enrich your decor, not compete with it. Find a balance between the main features of the space and the flooring colour you choose.

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Since 1971, Richmond flooring store, Island Carpet, has been helping people bring style and function to their properties. Our experienced team of flooring professionals will assist you in selecting the perfect flooring colour for your space.

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