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Do Carpets Cause Allergies?

Allergy sufferers will do anything to get relief, including pulling up all of the carpets in their homes. One of the questions our Island Carpet Vancouver store often gets is about whether or not clients need to get rid of their carpeting.

It's a common misconception that carpets cause allergies. While everyone is different, the general rule is that newer carpets aren't to blame for causing or worsening allergies.

Is my carpet causing allergies?

The good news is that if your carpeting is relatively new, it's probably not causing or contributing to your allergies. Older carpets in Richmond homes were made with spun yarn, which is more likely to shed, break off and mix with dust that naturally accumulates in the carpeting. This combination of dust and fibers would get into the air, and it would often cause allergies.

Modern carpets are mostly made with a synthetic material called continuous filament fibers. These fibers are shorter and don't break apart or shed, so dust stays trapped in the carpet until it's vacuumed out. These types of carpeting are also easier to clean, so allergy sufferers can enjoy the look and feel of soft carpeting without worrying about triggering or worsening allergies.

Should I remove or replace my carpets?

If you suspect the carpeting in your home is contributing to allergies, it could be helpful to gather more information about the age and type of carpet it is. You can visit a carpet store in Richmond to speak with an expert who can help you understand if the carpeting is an issue.

In general, if the carpet in your home is more than a decade old, the chances are good that you're due for a refresh. Old carpet is more likely to harbour allergens that are difficult to remove, and updating your flooring could help in some situations.

Additionally, if you decide to replace any existing carpet with hardwood flooring Vancouver carpet experts can help you choose the best hardwood floors and allergy-friendly accent rugs.

Let Island Carpet help make your home more allergy-friendly

Our carpet store in Richmond is staffed with friendly flooring experts who can help you decide if it's time to replace or remove old carpeting that can contribute to allergies.

With the new technologies and fibers available, finding an allergy-friendly carpet that matches your home will be a breeze. Stop by Island Carpet & Flooring today to chat with one of our knowledgeable team members.

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