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Choosing The Best Flooring Options For Kids' Rooms

When it comes to flooring for kids’ rooms, it’s understandable that parents might be nervous about what sort of material to install. Children may be delightful, but they are notorious for making messes and, at least in their first years, falling. They’re also, let’s face it, noisy. The good news is that there are several flooring materials to choose from that are both easy to clean, dampen the racket and are gentle to both the bare feet and bodies of small children.


Carpet in Vancouver homes is popular for children’s rooms because it is soft, absorbs sounds beautifully and is insulating. Of course, the problem with carpeting is that it can be hard to clean. This is certainly the case for carpets made of natural fibers such as wool but less so for synthetic fibers. Many flooring experts recommend polypropylene carpeting, which is tough and resists both stains and static. Pure polypropylene carpets can also be bleach cleaned to remove tough stains. As for the colour, a lighter-coloured carpet makes a room look larger and can be a bit cheerier, but a dark carpet adds a level of coziness and hides stains better.


Cork could be said to be a type of hardwood flooring. Though it comes from an oak tree, it is actually the top layer of the tree’s bark. This layer is harvested without having to kill the tree, and unlike traditional hardwood, it is soft, absorbs noises and resists mold, microbes, dirt and dust. It is so wonderfully stain-resistant that its only maintenance needs to be a regular broom sweeping or vacuuming. One drawback is that cork is so soft that it can be damaged even by the hard edges of toys. A way to deal with this is to install cork tiles, which can be replaced individually if they get damaged.


Resilient vinyl is famously easy to clean, as it’s often found in kitchens. It’s also water and stain resistant and inexpensive while being very tough. It can also come in an endless variety of colors and patterns.

These types of flooring are easy to find in Island Carpet, our flooring store in Richmond. Don’t hesitate to come to us and let our professionals help you pick the best type of flooring for your child’s room.

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