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Nothing can add more warmth and drama to a room than the right color and type of carpeting. When you see all the elements that go into making a particular style, you may feel overwhelmed. That’s why we’re here. We can guide you through the mazes, so you can be sure that you are making the perfect choice for you and your family.

The first quality of good carpeting is texture. Like any other consumer good, it can be rough and coarse, or it can be soft and smooth. Carpeting will fall into the latter category. What makes different textures are the specific cuts of the yarn.

Some carpets are differentiated by twists. This means the number of rotations the yarn has been twisted. If it has just a few rotations, the look and feel will be loose. The more rotations or twists, the denser the carpet will be. The high number of twists gives the yarn the ability to pop back into shape after it has been pressed down. Twisted carpet is the top seller in carpeting trends today. This is because they are fashionable, casual, soft and durable.
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Think back to old-fashioned looped rugs. The tighter the loops, the richer and fuller the rug appears. If the loop is loose, then the carpet is not as dense. This type of carpeting is recommended for high traffic areas and spaces like family rooms. Berber is considered a loop carpet. Most Berber selections are tight and multi-textured. This type of carpeting is extremely durable and holds up well.

There are homeowners who prefer a carpet that has a pattern. Just the way loops are cut and uncut can make a unique pattern. You can have a medium beige carpet with varying cuts and the one color will appear as if it is a duo-tone.

Homeowners in the Richmond, Delta, Surrey, Burnaby, and Vancouver areas are invited to see all the latest carpet samples at the Island Carpet Sales showroom in Richmond, BC.

For years, individuals have chosen a plain beige carpet for their homes and used it as a blank canvas so they could add color with furniture, wall coverings and window coverings. Beige was safe and non-intrusive. Today’s beiges are never boring. Some have incorporated patterns and different textures. Others have added small flecks of vivid colors to add depth an interest.

Whether you want beige carpet or a more daring choice of soft blue or green, we can make your decision much easier and less stressful.


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